Global Tebiem Insurance Company is a worthy cause, providing prudent Insurance cover not only to its policyholders, but also to the entire community. With over 400,000,000 Dhs. in capital assets, Global Tebiem Insurance Company is the largest insurance company (in terms of paid up capital) in the United Arab Emirates, and come 9th of the top 150 big companies in Arab world.

Global Tebiem Insurance Company was founded in 1996 following the Ameri decree No. 4 on 11/06/1996 by H.H. SHEIKH KHALIFA BIN ZAYED AL NAHAYAN, President of the U.A.E. and Ruler of Abu Dhabi Emirate.The Company is authorized to write all classes of general insurance and reinsurance business. Global Tebiem Insurance Company obtained its business enrolment at the end of January 1997 and the actual operation was launched in March 1997. Global Tebiem Insurance Company has been named after the safe or stronghold as conveyed in Arabic Language, to emphasize on this secure facet that is primarily needed in the insurance business.